The 19th Century Mercier Binding

19th Century Mercier Binding“The exquisite binding design on you book represents the painstaking work of the well-known artist, Rafael Palacios, who was commissioned by the International Collectors Library to recreate a fine old binding of the Golden Age of Bookmaking — a design worthy to serve as outer garments for a group of the greatest novels in English Literature.

At the right you see the original design — the creation of Mercier, famous master-bookbinder and leather-craftsman of the late Nineteenth Century.  Bound in rich blue morocco leather, the original was found on a rare volume of Memoires de Madame de Staal, published in Paris in 1891.  The delicate pattern of squares and rosettes reflects the elegant taste and refined sensibilities of a bygone era of craftsmanship.

Your superb replica edition has been embossed in genuine 24K gold, and a silk ribbon marker has been added, as is customary with such a valuable book.” — From a book insert

The William Morris Binding

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court - Binding Cover“The beautifully finished binding on your book has been created by the contempory artist Rafael Palacios.  Or rather, re-created — for this design is a modern adaptation of a superb old specimen of Victorian book-binding.

The original (shown here) was made for a copy of Thomas More’s romance titled Utopia, written around a legendary land of liberty, tolerance and ideal government.  The book was printed by William Morris at his world-famous Kelmscott Press in 1893.  The cover was designed by Morris, the binding done by Zaehnsdorf.

William Morris (1834-1896) was an English art-lover, poet, and prose writer, a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and the English Socialist movement.  Greatly interested in painting and architecture, he helped found a manufactory devoted to creating furniture, carpets and tapestries which would improve the taste of the Victorian public.  He broke with Socialists in 1889 and returned to writing.

Your replica edition has a lovely leaf-and-acorn design done in 24K gold, further enhanced by an ornate blind-stamped design on both front cover and spine.  The top edges of the pages are covered with genuine gold, as befits such a fine volume.” — From a book insert

The French Empire Binding

French Empire Binding

The Czar Alexander II Binding

The Madame du Pompadour Binding

The London Fleet Street BindingLondon Fleet Street Binding

The Marie Antoinette Binding

The Rafael Palacios Binding

The Oriental Tree Of Life Binding

The Louis XVI Binding

The Masque and Bauble Bozerian Binding

The Leicester Square Binding

The Avian Binding <–The Late George Apley

The Cobden-Sanderson Binding


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